Artisan Collection Hot Teas by Farmer Brothers

Artisan Collection Hot Teas by Farmer Brothers

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world (next to water).(1) And, many consumers crave a cup of steaming tea with their meal, or as a relaxing end to their dining experience.

Farmer Brothers Artisan Collection Hot Teas combine large-leaf tea with natural flavorings – packaged in a pyramid-style sachet to allow the full fragrance and flavor to develop during the steeping process.

Five of these blends are certified Organic, so they are free of any synthetic pesticides or chemicals, and their farming methods help conserve the environment.

With flavors that are in demand and simple, clean ingredients, the Artisan Collection Hot Teas are a natural choice to complement your menu.

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Why Should I Add Artisan Collection Hot Teas to My Menu?

Because it’s profitable and on-trend with your consumers. Hot tea can generate up to a 90+% gross margin for Operators.(2)  And our delicious selection of teas includes black, green and herbal blends to appeal to a diverse audience.

A signature, premium quality selection of hot tea can help elevate your menu and maximize the profitability of your beverage program.

These on-trend, profitable beverage blends make a delicious, smart addition to any restaurant or foodservice business.

Contact a Farmer Brothers expert to learn more about adding Artisan Collection Hot Teas to your menu.

(1) Tea Assoc. of the USA. State of the US Tea Industry 2015 Tea Market Review

(2) Technomic AFH

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