Artisan Collection Cold Brew Coffee

Artisan Collection Cold Brew Coffee by Farmer Brothers

Cold brew coffee is one of the fastest growing beverages in the U.S., but there hasn’t previously been an easy way to brew quality cold brew coffee for your restaurant or foodservice business.

Easy In-House Brewing with Artisan Collection Filter Packs

Farmer Brothers 100% Arabica Artisan Collection Cold Brew Coffee and brew system combines the ease of a 5-gallon brewing container with the innovation of our fresh, specialty-blend Artisan Collection Cold Brew Filter Packs that eliminate the need for grinders, tedious measuring, food safety concerns, and the mess of large filters.

The Farmer Brothers method produces fresh, high quality cold brew without frozen concentrates, without mess, and with 50% fewer brewing steps. Simply open the Filter Packs, drop them into the bucket, add water, and let it brew!

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What Exactly is Cold Brew and Why Should I Add it to My Menu?

Cold brew coffee is a popular brewing method in which coffee grounds are steeped in cold water, usually for 12-18 hours (16 hours is recommended for Artisan Collection Cold Brew). This brewing method, compared to brewing in hot water, results in a sweet, smooth, balanced, less-acidic, less-bitter, and more caffeinated cup of coffee. Farmer Brothers’ commercial cold brew coffee system takes this popular form of coffee and scales it into a simple solution for commercial brewing in foodservice and other businesses.

Why add Farmer Brothers Artisan Collection Cold Brew Coffee to your menu?

  • Because it’s more profitable and on-trend with your consumers and our delicious coffee and innovative brewing method makes producing great cold brew a breeze.
  • Cold brew coffee has stronger profit margins than traditional hot coffee, making it highly profitable.
  • Cold brew coffee has the same cost per serving, but the potential for twice the revenue.
  • This on-trend, profitable beverage makes a delicious, smart addition to any restaurant or foodservice business.

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